Teen politician elected on toilet paper platform


A Maryland middle schooler turned heads during a public hearing on Monday, as he petitioned the school board to spend more money on toilet paper. 14-year-old Sekayi Fraser is the student body president at Cabin John Middle School in Potomac.

He says it was a campaign promise to push for 2-ply toilet paper that got him elected last fall.

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“The entire class agreed the toilet paper sucked, and that’s when I smelled an opportunity,” said Fraser. “The reason it actually got me elected is because so many kids were complaining about this.”

On Monday night, Fraser decided to take the concern straight to the people in charge at Montgomery County Public Schools. He testified during a public hearing on the school system’s proposed $2.8 billion operating budget, urging school board members to upgrade from 1-ply toilet paper to 2-ply toilet paper in school bathrooms.

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