Death doulas provide emotional support, education during the process of dying

Aide holding elderly hand (Photo: NationalHospice)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) — Expecting mothers often enlist the help of birth doula to provide emotional support and education throughout their pregnancy. Now, end of life doulas are becoming popular for people whose loved ones are nearing death.

Sara Kuzma is studying to become a certified end of life or death doula. She first learned about the profession when she was caring for her grandmother in 2012.

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“I approached one of my friends and said ‘I’m overwhelmed’,” Kuzma said. “I was my grandmother’s legal guardian and I was stretched so thin.”

Kuzma praised chaplains, nurses, and social workers who worked with her while her grandmother was in Hospice care. However, she says there were still gaps in services.

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