Local women’s rally and march brings out many for equality


DOWNTOWN WILMINGTON (WWAY) — It was serious business at Innes Park Saturday afternoon as hundreds of people joined the millions across the world, all gathering for one common purpose, equal rights.

Equality is a very broad word. It holds significant meaning and value.

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When we talk about one issue as it relates to equality, we have to address the others.

That is exactly what happened at the fourth annual Women’s Rally and March.

A speaker stated, “Giving up our democracy is not an option, giving up our women’s rights is not an option, giving up our constitutional right is not an option.”

The non-profit, Women Organizing for Wilmington or WOW hosted the event where they addressed a myriad of issues they believe our country has overlooked.

Women with the support of men representing different organizations gave dozens of speeches on affordable housing, health-care, safe reproductive choice, educational funding, immigration, public transportation, cash bail, livable wages, ERA, and water contamination.

Supporter Karen White says these are topics our country must stop ignoring.

“We can’t be silent anymore. We have to talk about what’s important,” White expressed.

Resident Leon Grant says there is no better time to stand together than now.

“It’s from God that we all are equal, so it’s time and this movement is here now.”

Representative Deb Butler emcee’d the event. Women from Black Lives Matter, the NAACP, Planned Parenthood, and many more were present to give speeches.

After the rally there was an open mic event with woman-owned food trucks.