What’s next for Myrtle Beach’s Charlie’s Place?

(Photo: WPDE)

An abandoned building on Carver Street in Myrtle Beach might not catch much attention, unless you know its history.

Charlie’s Place was a former nightclub created by an African-American couple in the 1930s. It was used as a hangout for many people before desegregation.

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In 2017, the city decided to preserve the historic building and turn it into a community center. In 2018, a documentary was made about the building and its significant role in history.

Former Horry County Planning Chairman Herbert Riley spearheaded the efforts in trying to get the ball rolling on the restoration process, but unfortunately, Riley died in July of 2019.

Ella M. Thomas works across the street from the building and said although progress is taking a while, she is happy about the progress being made.

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