Longtime Carolina Beach Road burger shack up for sale

French’s Classic Burgers is located on Carolina Beach Road. (Photo: StarNews)

WILMINGTON, NC (StarNews) — French’s Burgers could permanently close, pending a future sale, now that owner Robert French is ready to move on from the long-time restaurant.

“Unless someone buys it and wants to keep it as French’s, then someone will probably bulldoze the place,” said French. “We are going to stay open until it sells, but after that I don’t really care what someone does with it.”

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French said after a lifetime working in the food service industry, the 60-hour work weeks are getting old and he is ready to move on to another venture. He will likely reinvest his money in rental properties, he said. He can recite the years, months, weeks and days (currently 23 years, four months and three days) he has been at French’s, cooking up hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill, topping them with chili.

French opened the place in 1996 with the same exact menu as today. The small, yellow building has a few booths inside, some picnic tables and a drive-through window.

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