Political signs pop up ahead of primary election

Political signs appearing along busy intersections and popular businesses (photo: WWAY)

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — It may feel like one election cycle just ended, but candidates are gearing up for another.

The primary election, or Super Tuesday, is March 3. The New Hanover County Board of Elections is already sending out absentee ballots.

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The deadline to request an absentee by-mail ballot is February 25. Early voting begins on February 13 and continues through February 29.

Candidates have begun spreading the word about their campaigns, placing their signs by busy intersections and popular businesses.

2020 hopefuls are not the only ones prepping for the election. The New Hanover County Board of Elections purchased new equipment for this election cycle, hoping to make it a little easier for voters as well as election officials.

“I think it will be more efficient. I also think it’s going to be less likely to break down so we aren’t going to have to use the emergency bins of the ballot scanners,” Elections Director Rae Hunter-Havens said. “Which we’ve had to do in the past because some of that equipment was over 15 years old.”

Hunter-Havens says using the emergency bins didn’t effect the tabulation of the ballots, but implementing the bins wasn’t the most efficient way to count them.

She emphasizes the importance of learning about the candidates and voting during the election.

“Voting is really the cornerstone of our democracy,” Hunter-Havens said. “Being able to elect representatives that represent your values, representing sort of how you want the country to run. This is an opportunity for voters to express officially what they’d like to see.”

For information about voter registration or the election, visit the New Hanover County Board of Elections website.