Professor calls campus police on student who won’t switch seats


MUNCIE, IN (WISH) — A Ball State University professor called campus police after a student declined to switch seats during a Tuesday morning marketing class.

A Twitter video showing two campus officers in professor Shaheen Borna’s classroom generated hundreds of comments and more than 140,000 views.

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“Are you in this class? Why don’t you head out? I’m going to talk to you real quick,” an officer says at the beginning of the minute-long video, walking into the classroom and pointing to a student in the back of the room.

Sultan Benson, a Ball State senior from Chicago, identified himself as the student in the viral video clip.

“We have assigned seats,” Benson told News 8. “Someone was in my seat but instead of making a big deal about it, I just decided to move to the back of the classroom where the professor said the ‘open seats’ were. He even pulled me a chair up.”

Approximately 30 minutes into the class, another student left, leaving an open seat in the front of the classroom.

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