Would you try Jelly Belly’s new sparkling water?

Jelly Belly Sparkling Water hitting store shelves in the Midwest. (Photo: Jelly Belly/Joffer Beverage Company)

(CNN) — If you like jelly beans and enjoy seltzer, you’re in for a treat – Jelly Belly Sparkling Water.

The sparkling water will be calorie-free and come in a variety of flavors.

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The carbonated beverage has natural flavors, no sugars, and no sweeteners.

It will be available in eight flavors to start, including orange sherbet, pina colada, and pink grapefruit.

With more than a hundred Jelly Belly flavors to choose from, the company could add new flavors in the future.

Jelly Belly Sparkling Water will initially be available online and at 265 Hy-Vee Stores in the Midwest.