Authorities warn of fire-causing ‘outlet challenge’ seen on TikTok, YouTube


(WBZ) — Authorities are warning parents about a new social media challenge that is sparking more than concern — it’s sparking fires.

Massachusetts State Fire Marshal Peter Ostroskey issued an advisory this week warning firefighters about a new social media challenge that has already popped up in the state.

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The “outlet challenge” seen on TikTok and YouTube involves sliding a penny between a partially plugged-in phone charger and a wall outlet so the coin hits the exposed metal prongs. When this happens, sparks shoot out of the outlet and can potentially cause fires, injuries and electrical system damage, authorities warn.

The challenge has already caused problems at two different Massachusetts schools, WCVB reports.

A student at Westford Academy started a fire in the school because of the challenge. The principal told WCVB the entire school had to evacuate when smoke started coming out of an electrical outlet in a classroom. In the hallway outside the classroom, school officials found another outlet that was scorched and filled with metal wires.

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