Boy finds live grenade while magnetic fishing in North Carolina


VASS, NC (WNCN) — A little boy’s fishing trip with his dad could have turned deadly in an instant.

“If God wasn’t watching me I probably would have blown up,” Kolton Decker said.

The grenade that Kolton discovered. (Photo: via WNCN)
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The 9-year-old’s adventurous spirit led his mom Renee to buy him a magnetic fishing pole for Christmas.

“I thought it would be a fun, safe thing that him and his dad could do together,” Renee Decker said.

They were trying it out for the first time Monday at the Little River on Morrison Bridge Road in Moore County.

Fifteen minutes later, Kolton caught something that he thought was a tennis ball at first.

“Once I pulled it out of there I was like ‘Hey dad I think I found a grenade.’”

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