Carolina Beach dunes replenished with recycled Christmas trees


CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Exactly one month after the holiday, Christmas trees reappeared on Carolina Beach.

The Cape Fear Surfrider Foundation held its 7th annual dune rebuilding project on Saturday.

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“We decide where the beach needs some dune replenishment, some sand to build back up. And we put Christmas Trees there,” Surfrider Volunteer Coordinator Keni Rienks said.

The Christmas trees help create a stronger barrier for when storms like Hurricane Florence hit our coast.

All materials used in this project are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It’s an all natural effort to help rebuild the dunes.

Living on a barrier island means the sand will be moving around constantly, no matter how many trees are put in place.

But Rienks says this project can help reduce that.

“If we can try to slow some of that movement down, with some of these natural things, at least it could help in the short term a little bit,” she said.

And it does seem to be helping.

“It may seem like just a little bit, but if you go that way you’ll see some of the dunes we’ve put in in the past and so we know it works,” Carolina Beach Resident Marcia Morgan said.

Those of us who live on the coast are lucky to call these beaches our backyards.

We depend on them for fun and our local economy, so Surfrider says its essential for us to do all we can to keep them safe.

“We just feel like this is a really important, but a natural step we can do to protect our coast,” Rienks said.

As for how this will impact wildlife like sea turtles, Rienks says they are placed a specific distance apart to ensure the turtles will have plenty of room for nesting. The sand moves quickly, so she says they will probably not even realize there are Christmas trees in their nesting areas.