‘I thought he was dead,’ Grandmother reacts to seeing grandson hit by car

School bus stop sign (Photo: Max Pixel)

One Conway grandmother recalls what she said was one of the worst moments in her life.

Deborah said she doesn’t want to release her last name because of an ongoing custody battle.

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She said she was waiting on her front porch watching her grandchildren walk onto the bus like they do every morning. She heard and saw something that made her heart drop.

“I was sitting there on the porch looking out for them to cross. The bus stopped, the flashers were on, the wand was out, the stop sign was out. The next thing I heard was a thump. It sounded like somebody hit a car or a tree, it was that loud. Then I saw Tristan, I didn’t know it was Tristan at the time, but I saw one of the kids fly about 15 ft in the air and then drop,” said Deborah.

Neighbors said they heard it happen around 7 a.m. on Jan. 24.

Deborah said as soon as she realized what happened, she started to run over and all she could think was “That’s one of my grandkids.” Then she said panic set in.

“I thought he was dead. I thought he was dead because he was in shock and frozen stiff, and his eyes were glazed, and then I dipped down and started petting him and calling his name, and he came back,” said Deborah. “He started crying, and we waited for the ambulance and stuff to come. The ambulances came, and the police officers came.”

Deborah said the woman who hit him did not brake until after she hit Tristan. She said she believes the woman may have been on her phone.

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