Oh babies! Couple expecting quintuplets prepares for birth


An Ohio couple is about to become a household of seven.

A pregnant wife is expecting quintuplets!

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After Hannah and Jacob Merton married in 2017, they felt ready to try for kids.

“I’ve always wanted twins. I always grew up saying I wanted twins,” said Hannah. “We tried to get pregnant for a year and it just wasn’t happening.”

They went to a specialist, started fertility medication and last October, a doctor delivered stunning news.

“I almost passed out just from shock,” said Hannah.

At first, the ultrasound revealed Hannah’s wish, twins, babies “A” and “B”, but there were more, “C” “D” and “E”.

“So, she kept looking and she was measuring and counting, re-counting and finally after it was over, she had to pull up a chair because she was so shocked, and she was like you’re having five babies,” said Hannah.

“It really was just a surreal kind of feeling. I don’t even know how to put it into words. It’s just unbelievable really,” said Jacob.

“I was just like how is this even possible? What?” said Hannah.

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