KFC expanding its plant-based fried chicken to some NC stores

Plant-based chicken (Photo: KFC)

NORTH CAROLINA (CNN Newsource) — KFC is going to expand testing its new plant-based chicken.

The fast food chain sold out of the beyond fried chicken at an Atlanta restaurant in less than five hours.

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The expanded testing starts February 3 at more than 70 locations including Nashville and Charlotte, North Carolina.

It comes in a 4-12 piece. The demand for plant-based and vegan options has been growing as people look to cut down on their meat consumption due to health concerns.

Dunkin has launched a beyond sausage breakfast sandwich, and Burger King is enjoying the success of its meatless Impossible Whopper. Earlier this month Burger King announced it will be testing plant-based Impossible™ Croissan’wich® in certain markets.