North Carolina mild winter means ticks are active

Tick (Photo: John Tann / CC BY 2.0)

NORTH CAROLINA (WTVD) — If you’ve been taking advantage of the mild winter North Carolina has been blessing us with, don’t be surprised to find you’re not alone.

Above-average temperatures in December and January mean ticks could be on the prowl.

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Dr. Alexis Barbarian is the State of North Carolina’s Entomologist.

“So, when it’s cold, they’ll go into the leaf litter and kind of digest their last blood meal,” she said of ticks.

Think of it like this – when it’s cold, ticks go into a hibernation of sorts. When it warms up, they climb to the top of blades of grass, looking for a host to latch onto.

“Because it’s been warm in December and January, ticks are definitely active,” Dr. Barbarian said.

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