Oscars style: Fashion blasts from the pasts, trends, and 2020 predictions


(ABC News) — As we inch closer to this year’s Oscars, one question besides, “Who will win?” is “What will everyone wear?”

One of the biggest honors of the night usually goes to whomever takes home gold for best actress, and the looks on these women have dramatically transformed throughout the years.

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There may be some clues in who will win based on what the best actress winners have worn — and didn’t wear — through the years.

Not one best actress winner in the past decade has had a slit in their gown. Only three of the past 20 winners (best actress and best supporting actress) wore strapless, according to style expert Melissa Garcia who analyzed all of the looks.

Oscars fashion blasts from the past

Janet Gaynor was the first-ever recipient of the highly acclaimed award, and she casually wore a gray top, white skirt, and lace-up flat shoes.

Shortly after Gaynor’s win, Oscars style evolved and celebrities would wear paparazzi-ready looks.

Audrey Hepburn marveled in a belted floral print look by Givenchy as she accepted the 1954 award for her role in “Roman Holiday.”

There was also Barbara Streisand in 1969 who was one of the first best actress winners to wear a sparkling two-piece ensemble that included pants.

“I had no idea that when the lights hit that outfit, it would become transparent,” Streisand told W magazine in a 2016. “I wanted a white collar and cuffs, which it had, and I wore my hair under my chin, because I thought to myself, I’m going to win two Oscars in my lifetime, and I’ll be more conservative next time.”

A few years later, Jane Fonda wore a pantsuit by Yves Saint Laurent.

It’s also hard to ever forget Cher’s iconic embellished Bob Mackie ensemble in 1988 when she won for her leading role in “Moonstruck.”

Fast Forward to the early 2000s and many of us couldn’t get enough of Halle Berry’s embroidered Elie Saab gown that was a total “wow” moment and ultimately helped the Lebanese designer gain more expores.

“Halle Berry made the name Elie Saab more popular … She managed to really put the name Elie Saab on the international market,” the designer told Vogue in 2019. “[That time] was a better time for cinema in general. [Halle Berry] was the first woman of color [to receive the Oscar for Best Actress] … It was elegant and daring and chic. I think this moment was a very exceptional moment for cinema.”

Just last year, Olivia Coleman was gorgeous in a green Prada look that included pockets. She received the best actress award for her role as Queen Anne in “The Favourite.”

What to expect in 2020

While we don’t know exactly what the best actress award winner will wear this year, we do have a few clues based on what’s been trending on red carpets.

For the 2020 Golden Globe Awards, puffy statement sleeves were all the rage. Celebrities such as Beyonce, Dakota Fanning and Cate Blanchett all showed up to the occasion wearing this fun trend.

This year’s leading lady may also opt for pink or red, or perhaps a mix of the two.

At the 2019 Emmy Awards and the Oscars last year, A-listers were pretty in pink — wearing beautiful variations of the hue in a variety of shapes and textures.

More women are wearing pants on the red carpet. Perhaps, this year’s best actresses will follow suit?