Panthers offer ‘promposal’ to students month after school hit by tornado

(Photo: WSOC)

KERSHAW, S.C. (WSOC) — More than 200 North Central High School juniors and seniors accepted the Carolina Panthers “promposal” Friday less than one month after a tornado with 130 mph winds devastated their school.

A promposal is how high school students sometimes ask each other to prom.

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“The tornado kind of hit really hard, so this, I think, is part of the memory, showing how much the community is standing behind us,” the student body president said.

The Panthers, whose motto is “Keep Pounding,” will provide a prom experience for the students who have been tenacious since the destruction.

“One of the things that was special about today was how the team’s mantra, ‘Keep Pounding,’ really plays into the school year,” said Riley Fields, community director for the Panthers.

An EF2 tornado ravaged the school in Kershaw. It tore up the school, buses and the football stadium.

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