‘I need to get out of here now’: Woman says she was chased at Independence Mall


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington police are investigating after a woman claims she was approached by someone in the parking lot at Independence Mall Tuesday night.

The woman, who spoke on condition of anonymity, says she was alone when a man approached from behind as she was walking from the mall to her parked car.

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The 21 year old had a shopping bag and says the man offered to carry it for her.

She says she politely declined and that’s when the man’s helpful gesture turned into a hostile situation with the man yelling, “You shouldn’t have been rude.”

She took off running and screaming, but didn’t think anyone was around to hear her.

As she ran to her car, she says the man called to someone he knew saying, “‘Go to the other side, go to the other side.'”

She says he tried to grab her as she was getting inside her car.

“I was just like, at that moment, I’m closing this door if your hands in here, it is,” she said. “He started pounding on my window and the other guy was on the other side pounding on that window.”

She put the car into reverse and drove away.

Once she felt she was in a safe place, she called her father and he called the Wilmington Police Department about 30 minutes after the incident occurred.

Police are looking at surveillance video and the investigation is ongoing. Police say if something like this happens to you, try to get to safe spot and report it as quickly as possible.

The woman says she has always wanted a concealed carry permit but this experience has motivated her to obtain one sooner.