Homeowners return back to norm after tornado rips through neighborhood

Most homes repaired after tornado destroys portions of neighborhood during Hurricane Dorian. (Photo: Lakeeda Johnson / WWAY)

CAROLINA SHORES, NC (WWAY) — Rebuilding is moving along for some residents of The Farm at Brunswick after last year’s tornado spawned during Hurricane Dorian.

After going door to door and speaking to many of the homeowners they expressed how thankful they are to be finally getting back to the normal.

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The storm caused severe damage to portions of the Cape Fear.

“It looked like a war zone for so long,” Resident Sarah Mckeough said.

Carolina Shores is one of those areas, but now five months later, you can hardly see the damage.

Mckeough stated how happy she was about the repairs recently being wrapped up.

“I think it’s encouraging,” Mckeough said.

The storm blew out her front windows, and more.

“We had to replace the two front doors. We had double doors. We had to replace both of them because they were heavily damaged,” Mckeough said.

Husband Duncan Mckeough says they were lucky compared to some and it’s amazing no one was badly hurt.

“85-year-old couple. He had Parkinson’s and all of that. He’s got double windows in his computer room, and it took the top window…completely gone. Everything in there got wet. And he was panicking,” McKeough said.

Some homeowners are still dealing with contractor delays and uncooperative weather, but overall, there’s been major progress for most.