Winter expected to return to NC mountains by holiday weekend


SUGAR MOUNTAIN, NC (WBTV) — In the North Carolina Mountains it has been a winter with warm weather and lots of rain. Except, it seems, on the the traditionally big winter tourist weekends.

For the Christmas holidays things turned cold just in time to make plenty of snow at the ski areas. Two days before the MLK Weekend, it turned bitter cold again. Now, with the last holiday weekend of the winter season just days days away, it appears the cold weather will return.

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“We were very nervous about the weather,” said Gunther Jochl of Sugar Mountain on Wednesday, “but we get lucky again!”

Temperatures are expected to plummet into the low 20s Thursday night and snow-making machines will be busy pouring powder on the slopes for the Presidents’ Day Weekend.

“We should be in good shape,” said Jochl.

With all the major holiday weekends doing well, the season will be solid, though not a record he says. Area businesses need that cold weather to come and to stick around a while.

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