Myrtle Beach motel being boarded up to ‘prevent further illegal activity,’ police say

(Photo: WPDE)

The Rosen Sea motel on Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach is boarded up and closed, according to Myrtle Beach police.

A temporary injunction was granted to close down the motel to “prevent further illegal activity from occurring,” according to police.

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Police said the “Rosen Sea employees and management routinely rented rooms to drug dealers, knowing that they intended to use the rooms for drug sales and carried persons who overdosed off the Rosen Sea property and dumped them on adjacent properties to avoid drawing the attention of law enforcement.”

Horry County Solicitor Jimmy Richardson said neighbors were happy to see that the business was closing.

“Most of these nuisance cases what you get are continuous complaints by the neighbors or people that are around the area. People are trying to do business and do it the right way, and it is made harder when you have a neighbor that maybe don’t abide by the same rules that everybody else is trying to abide by,” Richardson said.

Richardson said a nuisance action is taken when a business gets too many complaints against it.

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