Daughter says elderly dad was left outside in rain for hours ‘like he was trash’


CHARLOTTE, NC (WSOC) — A Charlotte family is furious after they said their 78-year-old father was released from a rehabilitation center and left out in the rain for hours.

Maxine Rozzelle received a call from Charlotte Health and Rehabilitation Center on Thursday, saying there was an issue with her father’s insurance and he had to leave immediately.

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“She had told me there would be someone to pick him up in 25 minutes. I said: ‘I cannot be there in 25 minutes. you have to give me more time than that.’ She said, ‘I’ll see what I can do,’” said Rozzelle.

Rozzelle explains the facility got a transportation service to bring him home. When Rozzelle got to her father’s house, she found her father outside in the rain in his wheelchair on the driveway with no shoes or coat. Since her father can’t walk without assistance, he had no way to get up the steps into his home.

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