Brunswick County Schools to start testing reverse osmosis systems


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — In the coming days, Brunswick County Schools will start testing two Reverse Osmosis Filtration systems.

School Superintendent Dr. Jerry Oates presented a testing plan for the RO systems during the Operations Committee Meeting on Tuesday afternoon.

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According to an email from Brunswick County Schools, the systems will be installed later this week. The purpose of testing is to make sure the district puts RO water systems in place that fit the needs of students and staff.

Companies “Quench” and “Culligan” have been chosen as potential vendors and they will set up their systems at two sites. Lincoln Elementary will get the Quench systems and Belville Elementary will get the Culligan systems for testing.

A 3rd party testing lab will process “before” and “after” station installation water samples for assurance that the systems do what they say they do and don’t waste time and money.

The Board approved a motion from member Gerald Benton to give the Superintendent the discretion to choose a service he thinks best works for the district after the testing phase is complete.

The testing over the next week or so will provide information on how much water is consumed at the fountains and how many to install.

If 57 units were to be installed in the schools, which means each facility would get between two and four RO units, the estimated costs for 3 year service contract range from $156,693 for the Quench system to $127,395 for the Culligan system.

The school district will lease the units. With a lease, the company takes care of all routine maintenance to make sure the systems are working efficiently.

Other existing water fountains will not be turned off, but the water stations and fountains will be labeled.