Progress on Boiling Spring Lakes dam reconstruction, long road ahead


BOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WWAY) — Leaders in Boiling Spring lakes are making progress on dam reconstruction.

The Board of Commissioners and engineers held a workshop Wednesday night to present alternative design plans for the replacement of four dams.

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There was also quite a crowd at the meeting, full of neighbors who expressed frustration about the lengthy reconstruction process.

The dams broke during Hurricane Florence, and the lakes have been dry ever since.

“This evening the engineers McGill Associates will be presenting the options to the board as to the alternatives for each dam that they can take a look at and give them guidance for which ones they prefer,” Repp said. “And then later this evening they will be approving the design contract with them.”

City Manager Jeff Repp says the reconstruction of all four dams could cost close to $40 million. Once the plans are approved, he says they will submit them to the state to get permits.

“We need their permits for us to continue with the project and the construction,” he said. “So hopefully by the end of this calendar year, we’ll have their permits in hand and be in a position to let the project out to bid early next year.”

Repp says they hope to start construction by this time next year and finish the project in 2022.

Neighbors who came to the meeting voiced their concerns though about how long the project was taking and the cost. Many of them live on The Big Lake, and say they bought their homes because they wanted to live on the water.

City leaders say there will likely be several more meetings to come throughout the reconstruction process.