NCDOT says be cautious, roads may re-freeze overnight

NCDOT officials say wet roads may re-freeze overnight (Photo: Sydney Bouchelle/WWAY)

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The Cape Fear made it through the 2020 snowstorm pretty much unscathed.

If you were up late Thursday night in Elizabethtown, you saw rounds of flurries roll through, but the flurries quickly gave way to wet roads Friday morning in Wilmington.

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“Accumulation on the roadways was not really present,” NCDOT Maintenance Engineer Gerard Taylor said. “However, there are isolated spots with ice. So therefore it comes a little bit of a hazard.”

The NCDOT says while it may not look like much, the leftover water from the snowflakes can be dangerous.

“As the temperatures drop, any residual moisture on the roads will refreeze,” Taylor said.

He says this is when most accidents usually happen.

“When people are still going at highway speeds through the daylight hours and that transition to the dark. Roads tend to refreeze rather quickly,” Taylor said.

He says to be especially careful if you are travelling over bridges or roads above water.

“Be mindful about those areas that you know are stream crossings, bridges and such like that due to the refreezing and the channeling of wind underneath overpasses and also the underpasses,” Taylor said.

Taylor says although the wintry mix has stopped, that doesn’t mean the DOT will.

“Tonight there will be crews on standby,” he said. “And there may be some crews in throughout the region.”

He says to be cautious and to not let your guard down while driving.

“Give yourself a little bit more room, slow down, and drive safe,” Taylor said.