Kia owner says his car caught fire without being in wreck

Burnt Engine of 2015 Kia (Photo: WSOC)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WSOC) — Kia owner said his car caught fire without being in a wreck.

Lamar McLaughlin said he bought a 2015 Kia Optima used, took it home the next day and had it home a whole hour.

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“Backed it in my driveway, sitting in it, loving it, can’t wait to clean it up,” said McLaughlin. “Didn’t smell nothing, didn’t feel nothing. Nothing was overheating. I got out (of the) car, went in my house.”

“And my phone ring(s). I don’t know who it is. I answer the phone. ‘Hey, your car (is) on fire!’ I run downstairs, drop the phone, run downstairs, the car’s literally on fire,” he said. “It needs to be some type of justice because I didn’t even have a fair chance.”

Kia stated that it hired an inspector to figure out what caused the fire but is still waiting for the report.

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