Early voting numbers slightly lower than usual in New Hanover County


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — There is just one day left to get out and cast your vote early for the 2020 primary election, and officials say turnout is picking up as Super Tuesday is right around the corner.

However, New Hanover County Elections Director Rae Hunter-Havens says they’ve seen a slower start than usual for early voting in the county.

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“We’ve seen lower turnout that we initially expected for early voting,” Hunter-Havens says. “I think we voted over 2,000 people today. That’s twice what we’ve done on our next busiest day.”

Hunter-Havens says it’s hard to tell why there’s been lower turnout, but the primary is much earlier than it’s traditionally been in our state.

“Some voters are surprised we’re having our primary election so early,” she says.
“I think some folks are still used to the May primary elections. We’ve only had one other primary election in March.”

Hunter-Havens says they’re still expecting the majority of their voters to come out on Tuesday.

“For Election Day and primary elections, we have about 30,000 voters,” she says.

All those votes are important for the whole state.

“New Hanover County is in the top ten in terms of voter registration size,” Hunter-Havens says. “We have approximately 169,000 registered voters, and I think because of its sheer size, the influence of those voting patterns are going to play a little bit more throughout the state perhaps.”

Early voting ends Saturday at 3 p.m. You do not need photo I.D. to vote in this primary election.

Hunter-Havens wants to remind everyone if you come out on Super Tuesday, you need to go to your assigned precinct. Otherwise, you will have to vote on a provisional ballot.