Investigators offer more than $60K reward to help find missing Tennessee toddler

Megan and Evelyn Boswell (Photo: Tennessee Bureau of Investigations)

WILKES COUNTY, NC (WSOC) — Officials searching Tennessee mobile home in connection with missing toddler.

The grandmother of a missing one-year-old in Tennessee has bonded out of jail after she and her boyfriend were arrested last weekend when they were found in a stolen car linked to the child’s disappearance.

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Friday, investigators searched a mobile home in Tennessee and even dug under it looking for clues in the case of missing 15-month-old Evelyn Boswell.

No one has been Evelyn since December, but she was just reported missing last week. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigations said they have received more than 700 tips since the investigation began.

The child’s mother Megan Boswell was charged with giving false information to police about where Evelyn might be. A KFC employee in Yadkinville, North Carolina believes she saw Evelyn with Angela Boswell, the child’s grandmother, and her boyfriend before they were arrested.

“She had blonde hair, blue eyes, I mean pretty little bow in her hair,” the employee said. “It just crossed my mind something wasn’t right with the whole situation.”

There is now a more than $60,000 reward to help find Evelyn.

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