Mike Bloomberg rallies in Wilmington, endorsed by Mayor Bill Saffo


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Ahead of Super Tuesday, a presidential hopeful paid a visit to the Port City.

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg held a rally at Emsley A. Laney High School on Saturday.

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Hundreds showed up cheering for the candidate and eager to hear his plans on how he will “Get It Done.”

“I will raise taxes on the wealthy, including me, to get the revenue we need to extend healthcare and all the other things we need to strengthen our great country,” Bloomberg said.

He says things like raising teacher pay and passing what he calls common sense gun control laws.

“There’s a federal law, if you go to a gun store and buy a gun they check to make sure you’re not a minor, a person with a criminal record, or a person with psychiatric problems because those three categories we shouldn’t sell guns to,” Bloomberg said. “All we’re trying to do is have those same rules applied to gun shows and to internet sales. Nobody’s trying to take away anybody’s guns.”

Before the rally, Bloomberg answered WWAY’s questions about how he would address the opioid crisis in Wilmington.

“It’s working with people, it’s helping the hospitals be able to cope, it is understanding that it isn’t just a medical problem. Addiction is something you really have to work with people, psychiatrists, and psychologists,” Bloomberg said. “It’s policing, you have to understand that. And this day in age I don’t think you throw people in jail for doing drugs, I think you should more likely take them to the hospital because their lives are threatened.”

He also spoke about the contaminated water in the Cape Fear.

“You have to start enforcing laws. A lot of places have laws that require companies to not pollute. We just don’t enforce those laws and we should. People say ‘well, if we enforce the law then it will cost jobs’,” Bloomberg said. “Number one, if the choice is a job or a life, I know how to make that choice. Number two, it doesn’t really cost jobs. Companies, if they have to obey the law will. If they don’t have to, some of them do and some of them don’t.”

Bloomberg says he plans to enforce laws protecting the environment.

“If we don’t do something, we’re all gonna die. At the rate the temperature is going up and the oceans are going up and the storms are getting bigger and pollutants, whether you drink water that’s polluted,” he said. “Think of climate as an environmental issue. The air you breathe and the water you drink has a great deal to dictate how long you’re gonna live.”

Back on stage, Bloomberg said he would be able to fulfill his promises citing his history as the mayor of New York City, specifically after 9/11.

“People came together and helped New York and we recovered. We created 500,000 new jobs, we created 175,000 new units of affordable housing, we reduced street homelessness by 28%, we launched new programs to fight poverty and opioids,” Bloomberg said. “We rebuilt our city stronger than ever.”

Wilmington’s own Mayor Bill Saffo took the stage to endorse Bloomberg.

“As your mayor, I have to tell you, one person really stands out to me and is the only choice. And that person is Mayor Mike Bloomberg,” Mayor Bill Saffo said. “I ask for you folks to support this man! This is a good man, a good mayor who has gotten things done and will get things done for this country.”