Who’s going to fix it? Road causing headaches for drivers


BELVILLE, NC (WWAY) — In Brunswick County, potholes could cost some Belville residents a pretty penny at the autoshop, if they don’t get a road fixed.

Potholes are drivers worst nightmares. They can lead to expensive road repairs, cause wear and tear on your car, and make for a bumpy ride. Shelby McCallister is asking for help in fixing up some on Poole Road.

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Mayor Mike Allen says the town can’t just fix Poole Road. Allen says he’s been having conversations with the road owner since last December and nothing won’t be done for a couple of months because the road needs to be brought up to DOT standard before the town can take control.

“Recently my dog got sick, so I was up and down that road a lot and that’s when I really noticed it’s a problem,” McCallister said.

She needed to take her sick dog, Dakota, to the animal shelter and found herself dodging potholes.

“I don’t like having to play chicken with cars, when I’m trying to go around the big potholes, and there is one great big one right in front of the business that does the porch conversions,” McCallister said. “Now there is a smaller one developing where you can turn left up to the left.”

The road is located near the Waterford Village Shopping Mall and gives direct access to businesses like Cape Fear Seafood Company and the Capeside Animal Shelter.

WWAY reached out to the town and they said Poole Road is located in town limits, but not managed by the state or the town. They say it is privately owned, so the town referred WWAY to a company. That company said the road owner no longer worked there. They provided a direct contact, but WWAY has not heard back as of Monday afternoon.

Only this owner can fix the road.

“It’s not super busy, but, when you are on the side of the road and someone is coming at you, it’s a problem,” McCallister said. “It’s been there a good 6 or 8 months.”

McCallister says the holes are deep enough to tear up her car and her truck. She warns any drivers navigating around this area.

“You [can] destroy the bottom of your car,” McCallister. “The one near the porch conversion is huge. The other one you might tear up your rim, but that one you are going to really bottom your car out in that one.”

The town confirms this is not the first complaint.

Allen says Backhoe and Gregory Road are also two roads the town is working to get control of. He says the town is negotiating with the owners so these roads can be fixed. Allen says the road owner has to petition the town to take it into the town limits.

NCDOT offers an easy to use website to report potholes on state roads here.