New security footage released, Wilmington Police investigating fire


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New video has investigators looking more closely at a fire Friday night that destroyed a home on S. 5th Street.

The video came from a TSUNAMI high-tech security camera, and was sent to WWAY and Wilmington Police after the fire.

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In the video from Friday night, it shows a truck pulling up to the house, then two people walking up to the front steps holding what looks like a flashlight.

After standing at the steps, you can then see the two people go back to the truck and drive away.

Shortly after, the TSUNAMI video shows the house in flames.

The Wilmington Fire Department continues to investigate the incident.

Wilmington Police say the fire department did not initially call them to the scene the night of the fire, which they usually do if arson is suspected. Given the video shared with them, a WPD spokeswoman says they are now investigating what caused the fire.