Church holds drive-in service to gather while social distancing


SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — “New normal” is a popular phrase as of the last few days.

Everyone is learning to make adjustments to their every day life to fit the new guidelines put in place due to the coronavirus.

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One church got creative in how they would proceed with their services for the meantime.

Sunday morning at Sonrise Baptist Church looked and sounded a little different than usual.

No congregation sitting in pews, but they were present.

Instead of shouting amen, they honked their horns.

“You can feel his presence, amen! Even sitting in the car. Even being on the outside,” Sonrise Baptist Church Pastor Rodney Cox said during his message.

Pastor Cox turned to God, asking how he could still gather his congregation for worship in a time where we are no longer allowed to gather.

The answer: a drive-in church service.

“I believe it’s vital for our spiritual growth, for our emotions, for our well-being physically that we all stay connected to one another to help us in this time,” Pastor Cox said. “To pull together so that we can be there for one another.”

Michelle Ferrar frequently visits the Cape Fear. She says God has blessed her. She still has a job and she was able to spend time here as she works from home.

She says God is who she turns to during times like this.

“I need the bible in my life on a regular basis. It helps me get through these kind of things and just for daily living,” Ferrar said. “There’s no other place to find peace like that.”

Young Preacher David Canup says uncertainty can test our faith, but this is a time for Christians to let their character shine.

“That’s what we here at Sonrise Baptist Church want to do, encourage the community to trust the Lord during these difficult times,” Canup said.

Sonrise Baptist Church will continue their drive-in services as long as they are permitted. If restrictions are passed preventing the gathering this way, their services will resume through Facebook Live.