Local gyms adapting to help people exercise at home


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)–Gyms across the Cape Fear and the United States have been closing in the recent days due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s made gym owners and trainers get creative when it comes to exercise. 

Online training and workouts on social media have taken the world by storm. There are more than five gyms in the Wilmington alone offering virtual classes to their members.

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“It was a really tough decision to close our doors last week, but luckily we had a plan in place,” Burn Boot Camp head trainer Jeff Washington said. “The biggest thing that we decided to do was to pivot and offer our all of our workouts and camps digitally.”

Some gyms may not offer classes online right now, but they say the biggest things is to just keep exercising any way possible.

“You can find some decent at home body weight workouts that you can do,” Washington said. “It may not match what you’re currently doing in the gym, but at least it’s something, something is better than nothing.”

No one knows how long these closures will last, but one thing these gyms want everyone to know is they won’t leave you hanging when it comes to working out.

“In these times its not the time to start thinking were just going to stick to our guns,” Washington said. “We’re going to do whatever we can to keep our clients engaged and moving.”

You can search your gym online to see if they are offering online classes and workouts during the gym closure.