Blair Elementary shares a smile with teacher parade


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)–The smiles and waves were out again on Friday as educators hit the pavement for another teacher parade. This time it was Blair Elementary School getting the special surprise.

“Their smile means the world to me, its brings tears to my eyes,” said Blair Elementary teacher Lynn Sykes. “We haven’t seen them in two weeks and it feels like two years.”

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Nearly 60 members of the staff from Blair signed up for the teacher parade. Parents say they have gone the extra mile during these times to make their kids feel right at home.

“These teachers have gone above and beyond to reach these students,” said parent Nick Raynor. “You really see the joy on their faces when there out here and it’s really refreshing to see that.”

It may not take a lot to entertain kids, but of course they loved it too.

“It was cool seeing my teachers again because I haven’t seen them in awhile,” said Blair student Banks Burton. “It was just cool how they made the event set up to be like a parade.”

If your school is going above and beyond to interact with students during these difficult times please let us know. We would love to share that story right here on WWAY.