Dosher Urgent Care sees less than 50 coronavirus tests in first week

Dosher Urgent Care Clinic (Photo: WWAY)

SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — Dosher Urgent Care opened its doors as a coronavirus testing center on Monday.

On Friday, WWAY caught up with the medical director to find out what the first week has been like.

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Dr. Joe Pat Hatem says it has not been busy, but it has been steady.

The location has done less than 50 tests and those that have come back are negative. Some tests are still pending.

Hatem says he is proud of Brunswick County because people seem to be following guidelines to stay in their homes unless necessary.

He says patients with mild symptoms seem to be, and should be, staying at home self-quarantining instead of coming into the center to be tested.

The biggest problem Hatem is facing is waiting for a test to be created that gives results faster.

“I mean they say they’re going to have one out at the end of the month or early in April with a 45 minute turnaround. And that’s reasonable,” Dr. Hatem said. “Then you can do your isolation, your contact tracing and that type thing. But right now with the 8 or 9 day turnaround the testing is just not that helpful. ”

He says before you go to a testing center, call ahead. Call your own doctor or call the center and doctors and nurses will guide you through the next steps.