Wrightsville Beach residents weigh in on vacation home owners visiting during pandemic


WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Residents of area beach towns are used to extra traffic in the warmer months. But with the coronavirus outbreak causing beaches to close and temporarily banning short term rentals, they’re a little quieter than usual.

Some who own property in places like Wrightsville Beach are taking the opportunity to work from their vacation home.

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We asked full time residents, is that a problem?

“I totally think that is great if they’re coming from Charlotte, Raleigh, or wherever to come and enjoy their vacation house,” Amy Zub said.

Amy Zub is rebuilding her Wrightsville Beach home and currently lives in Wilmington. She says the change of scenery is nice.

“It’s great that if you have two homes that you’d be able to do that because it makes it so much easier and it the day go by so much quicker while we’re not doing much.” Zub said.

She says as long as they follow the CDC’s guidelines, they should stay at home at either home.

Another islander, Art Padilla, agrees.

“It’s an interesting question,” Padilla said. “But if they’re following guidelines I don’t have a problem with it.”

Padilla’s wife, Laura Lunsford, spends more time at their Raleigh home, but she shares the same opinion.

“The real issue is are they respecting the CDC guidelines on distancing and staying home and washing their hands,” she said. “That’s really the concern.”

Mayor of Wrightsville Beach, Darryl Mills, says this has not been an issue for the town during the pandemic.

As of Friday, the town has not received any complaints about vacationers coming from out of town to their second home.