‘I love them so much for helping us’: Community shows support for healthcare heroes


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Many people came out to New Hanover Regional Medical Center on Saturday to show their love and support for healthcare workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Dozens honking outside of the hospital for one reason.

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“To support the hospital!” Ashlyn Daly said. “And to thank everybody who’s working here through the coronavirus,” Marie Daly added.

Former nurse Diana Topjian organized honking for heroes.

She says she wants healthcare workers to know how grateful the community is for them.

“For as much as New Hanover Regional has done for our community and EMS and all the providers, we need to show them some support during this really difficult time,” Topjian said.

She says the risks they are taking are not going unnoticed.

“For them to continue to brave everyday coming into work, not 100% sure if they’re going to interact with someone who could potentially be positive, have the PPE that they need, and they do it anyway,” she said. “I don’t know what else to say, they’re amazing people. They’re heroes!”

Supporters young and old understand the sacrifices they are making to keep us safe.

“Now is a really important time because this is a scary time,” Marie Daly said. “And I would like to thank them because this is amazing and they’re risking their lives for us.”

And they were definitely feeling the love.

“We really love the support from the community. I really appreciate it,” NHRMC nurse Kristen said. “It brings a smile to our faces,” nurse Amanda added.

One girl simply and perfectly sums up the message they were sending.

“I love them SO MUCH for helping us,” Ashlyn Daly said.

From WWAY, thank you to healthcare workers who are working on the frontlines of this pandemic.