Laney High School parents and staff show seniors they’re not forgotten


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The class of 2020 has gotten even more support this semester.

Even though it is not what they expected, something special happened at Laney High School Wednesday morning.

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The curbside was decked out with all 500 seniors names printed on signs from the school’s entrance to the exit.

Seniors had no idea parents and staff went the extra mile, but the main goal was to show students how much they are appreciated and that they have not been forgotten.

For seniors across the country, and at Laney High, the traditional way of celebrating such a milestone is just not what they will be able to experience.

It is why parents and teachers placed congratulatory signs four feet apart.

“Actually in the middle of the night, we had a little dream of doing signs, and just doing like a parade of signs, and so that’s what we’re calling this…’Parade of Seniors,'” Principal Sharon Dousharm said.

With no prom, or normal graduation, Dousharm said they wanted to give the graduates something to look forward to.

“They deserve something,” Dousharm expressed.

She and PTSA President Jennifer Kelly were the masterminds behind this project. Kelly’s daughter is a senior.

She said the conversations have given her even more of a reason to remind students that their hard work was not in vain.

“In the scheme of things, she makes comments as many of these seniors I’ve heard say, ‘We’re not sick, our family is not sick,’ So it’s hard to complain when you’re thinking of so many others,'” Kelly stated.

Students can come and get their signs starting Friday. As for graduation, Dousharm said the school is exploring other options to still have the event.

Dousharm said the graduation was scheduled for June 13. No decision has been made on cancelling or rescheduling the ceremony.