Wilmington film producer makes progress with DES claim

Monty Hobbs is self-employed, and has been trying to get answers about aid from the government. (Photo: Kylie Jones/WWAY)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington film producer who spent more than a month fighting for financial benefits is finally starting to see some movement.

Monty Hobbs is an independent contractor. Since he is self-employed, he had to file for a different type of aid from the Division of Employment Security.

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Hobbs has an approval letter the state for aid, but hasn’t seen any money for over a month. He told WWAY he’s made hundreds of phone calls trying to get answers, but nobody seemed to be able to help him.

When he spoke with DES agents, he says he was told there are no guidelines for people who are self-employed, and there was no specific reason why his request wasn’t being processed.

After WWAY’s story aired, Hobbs says he got a call from the Lieutenant Governor’s office and the Speaker of the House vowing to help him. On Thursday morning, he says he woke up and found the funds in his account.

But Hobbs says he still hasn’t gotten any word from the DES about whether he will continue getting benefits, and if so, what that amount of money is.