North Brunswick seniors surprised by school staff at cap and gown pickup


LELAND, NC (WWAY)–Seniors at North Brunswick High School picked up their caps and gowns on Thursday, but a little surprise put a cherry on top. Teacher and staff from North lined the parking lots to cheer on the Class of 2020 from afar.

“I was excited to see the students, it kind of got emotional a little bit,”said North Brunswick High School Assistant Principal Kimberly Brown. “We really didn’t expect that March 13th would be our last day, but I was glad to get an opportunity to see them again.”

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North Carolina schools have been out for over a month now and this simple encouragement meant more to the students than you might think.

“I was not expecting that one bit, I thought I was just going to drive through and pick up my stuff,”said North Brunswick senior Aaron Layton. “It really touched my heart, I felt special. It’s not graduation, but it’s something nice to have.”

Just like the Scorpion seniors the staff has also been waiting to find out if they will be holding graduation. They say this event made the anticipation a little bit better.

“It was joyous and exciting event for us all I think,”said North Brunswick School Counselor Belinda Green. “They have been out for so long their anxious , we’re also anxious to know what going to happen at the end of the school year with the ceremony.

The Class of 2020 doesn’t know if they will ever be able to put on their cap and gown at graduation, but they still plan to celebrate their hard work with the people that mean the most to them.

“It’s not about the diploma, it’s not even about graduating high school,”said Layton. “It’s about the next step in life and celebrating with family.”

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper is expected to make a announcement Friday on the state of the school systems.