Beaches reopen, business picks up for local stores


CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — As some area beaches reopen, businesses are starting to see more people out and about.

In Carolina Beach, retail businesses that have been allowed to open say they’ve seen business pick up.

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At Carolina Beach Surf Shop, the manager says they’ve been busy, but not overwhelmingly so.

She says they’re limiting the number of people in the store, have tape markers at the checkout counters to separate customers and have closed off dressing rooms to encourage social distancing.

She adds that people are definitely happy to be back out and supporting local businesses more.

“We’re excited to kind of have a soft opening,” Store Manager Jennifer Mangiacapre said. “We’ve seen a good amount of business. We’re happy to see our locals again. We’re still obviously under stay at home orders at least through next week it seems like, but I think people are just excited to be out, and people are being pretty conscious and aware of their surroundings.”

Mangiacapre says many customers are coming in for just things they need right now, or things like birthday gifts.