North Carolina dog tests positive for COVID-19


DURHAM, NC (WTVD) — A pet dog tested positive for COVID-19 in Durham, marking the first known novel coronavirus case in a canine.

The positive case comes from a research study being conducted at Duke University.

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The Molecular and Epidemiological Study of Suspected Infection (MESSI) is testing how bodies respond to different types of infections. The goal of the study is to ultimately develop infection biomarkers to help treatment and prevention of illnesses.

During the MESSI research, a family who was participating in the study had its dog tested for the virus. The dog tested positive.

“To our knowledge, this is the first instance in which the virus has been detected in a dog. Little additional information is known at this time as we work to learn more about the exposure,” MESSI principal investigator Dr. Chris Woods said in a statement.

COVID-19 has been found in big cats and other felines, but this is the first known case in a dog.

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