Surf City boutique sells ‘Hide Your Roots’ hat to help local hair stylists

Hide Your Roots 2020 hats (Photo: Coral Cottage Boutiques)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — With coronavirus continuing to keep hair salons shut down in North Carolina, many are still without jobs but you also may be in desperate need of a cut or color. A Surf City business has started a fundraiser that will help you cover your hair while assisting those in need of some financial support.

Becky Borneman owns Coral Cottage Boutiques. She recently started selling hats that reads “Hide Your Roots 2020.” The hats cost $20.

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Borneman has teamed up with about 20 hairstylists so far. She says a stylist gets 25% of profits when their client buys one in their stylist’s name.

“It helps my boutique that is currently closed during this pandemic and helping over 20 stylists as well,” Borneman wrote to WWAY.

If you’re a hairstylist and would like to get involved, contact

Buy a hat here.