BCC holds drive-thru graduation for nursing program graduates


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Coronavirus has kept the class of 2020 from walking across the stage, but that hasn’t stopped the celebrations.

The virus may have cancelled the pinning and formal graduation for the Brunswick Community College Nursing Class of 2020, but the Director of Nursing Programs says they could not go without a celebration.

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“They’ve probably done more work than any graduates I’ve had in many, many years so we wanted to make sure we could celebrate them today,” Dr. Colleen Burgess said.

Dr. Burgess says the entire college came together to make this possible.

Each graduate was given a copy of the Florence Nightingale pledge, a rose as a final gift of love from the staff, their nursing pin, a white bible and the staff gifted each student a lantern.

She says this has been challenging, but it’s given these graduates a skill to add to their tool-belts.

“This will be their best gift moving forward as nurses, flexibility. And meeting challenges like this,” Dr. Burgess said.

Graduate Savannah Pierce agrees going through a semester of nursing school in the middle of the pandemic has only made them stronger.

“Probably the biggest lesson we have learned is how to be adaptable and we’re going to be great nurses,” Pierce said.

Pierce says she’s been asked many times if going into this field in the age of coronavirus scares her.

She says she and her classmates are ready to take on anything.

“We have learned from the school, our teachers have taught us infection control. Washing your hands is the number one rule!” Pierce said. “We are prepared and we are ready.”

And Dr. Burgess would agree.

“We’ve graduated a new set of heroes today,” she said.

Congratulations to all graduates of the class of 2020. Best wishes to each of you from WWAY.