Wilmington Police stop potential shooting near homicide victim’s funeral


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police officers were able to stop a potential shooting Saturday at a homicide victim’s funeral.

Police were doing surveillance at the funeral for Daiquan Jacobs, who was shot and killed while driving on Oleander Drive last week. They say it’s not uncommon for them to conduct surveillance in certain situations, but it was unusual what they saw Saturday night.

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“The bottom line is, people could’ve been injured, and when you pull out a gun, somebody else pulls out a gun,” Wilmington Police spokeswoman Linda Thompson said.

It’s not out of the ordinary for officers to be conducting surveillance at a funeral for a homicide victim.

“And it may have been some kind of rift or we may suspect some type of retaliation, it’s not uncommon for the funeral home director, family members, or just out of our investigation and hearing rumors in the community, that we’ll show up,” Thompson said. “We’ll send officers just to monitor the situation.”

On Saturday night, a potentially deadly situation was thwarted when police were doing exactly that on Red Cross Street.

“I can’t recall too many occasions where we’ve ever encountered someone getting out of a car with a ski mask on and a gun,” Thompson said.

Officers say Jeremiah Thompson jumped out of a car armed with a semi-automatic rifle.

“And fortunately for everyone involved, our officers were on scene,” she said.

Officers arrested Thompson and two others in the car. Linda Thompson says they’ve heard different rumors about what exactly the men were doing there that night.

“Doesn’t matter if you were paying respect,” she said. “Doesn’t matter if you’ve got a beef with somebody or whatever it was. It’s absolutely wrong to get out of the car and a ski mask on and a gun, and aim it at anybody.”

Thompson says this speaks to the ongoing problems with gun violence in Wilmington. She says there’s been an uptick recently, but this situation showed their presence made a difference.

“This was a case that proved that it works, and we’re going to keep doing it,” she said.

Thompson encourages everyone with information about any situation to report it to police. You can call the department directly, or remain anonymous by using Text-A-Tip.