Sunset Beach councilmembers on board with banning airboats


SUNSET BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Some people say they are fed up with airboats.
Tuesday,town council unanimously voted in favor of banning them in town limits.

Seven concerned residents wrote in to Tuesday’s meeting with comments like “extremely problematic in a small town,” and “disruptive, disturbing and near deafening.”

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Councilman Jamie Philips presented the idea of a complete ban and all council members were on board. Philips calls it a noise and health issue.

Philip says it could “potentially be a danger for [residents] not having hearing protection.”

Councilman Tom Bormann cited personal experiences late at night with the loud boat and bright lights.

“I’ve had experiences with the airboat late at night coming up the feeder canal with bright lights affecting sleep and all kinds of peaceful moments here, so yeah I’m in favor of it,” Bormann said.

The council plans to put in a motion for the attorney to draft a ban on the airboats.