North Brunswick High School crowns prom king and queen in front of their homes


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — It was an exciting day for two students at North Brunswick High School as they were crowned prom king and queen.

Wednesday afternoon, Prom Queen Alexia Campbell got a standing ovation in her front yard from family, friends, faculty and staff. Campbell said she was at a loss for words.

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“It’s awesome. Being pregnant in high’s hard, so I honestly didn’t think anyone would really vote for me,” Campbell expressed. “It’s definetly…I don’t know, they’re awesome.”

Campbell’s childhood friends and classmates said there was no better candidate.

“She did soccer, she did a lot of clubs, and still managed to be a mother, and be happy,” Friend Maggie West said.

And for Prom King Demond Perry, it was an alarming visit.

“I was just planning on going to take my little senior pictures for graduation, and I just seen the police pull up, and I was like oh no! It’s not meant for me. It’s too early,” Perry said.

Faculty and staff crowned Alexia and Demond in their front yards, something that would have happened on April 25 at their traditional prom.

“Other teachers had done this in another state. And I thought this would be a great idea. In the past we’ve always done voting online for our students, so we knew that we could actually pull this off,” Organizer Mary K. Kayler stated.

With the help of family, Dawn Perry said she is thankful that she too could get involved with surprising her son.

“Honestly when I saw the teacher’s name, I knew he wasn’t in school, so I knew he wasn’t in trouble, so I thought they was going to call and tell me that I owed some money to the school,” Perry said. “It was a relief just to know that it was not any of that,” Perry said.

The graduating class will also be celebrating this milestone next Tuesday as they graduate.