Winter Park Elementary encouraging students to learn about composting


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — From egg shells and coffee grounds to banana peels and avocado pits, your kitchen waste is ‘garden gold.’

Food scraps make up more than 28 percent of household garbage.

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To teach students about the benefits of composting, Winter Park Elementary School set up collection bins on campus for anyone who wants to drop off organic material that can be turned into compost.

“We set a goal of trying to reduce our trash and we call it ‘Waste Free Wednesday,'” said Paul Slovik, principal of Winter Park Elementary School.

Even though students are not meeting on campus now due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Slovik says the school is continuing with its ‘Waste Free Wednesday’ initiative.

In fact, the school is encouraging any New Hanover County resident to drop off organic material to keep those items from filling up the landfill.

Slovik recommends keeping a small gallon-sized container with a screw-top lid at home where you can store all your egg shells, coffee grounds and other organic matter until you’re able to properly dispose of them.

“We really wanted our students to understand the why behind all of this and it helped with our engagement by creating lessons to talk about this issue and how our students could become part of the solution,” Slovik said. “Fifth graders even convinced me to send them on a field trip to the landfill and I’m glad I did it.”

For parents looking for a way to teach their kids about composting, Slovik encourages you to come to the school on Waste Free Wednesday between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Winter Park Elementary School is located at 204 S. Macmillan Avenue in Wilmington.