Myrtle Grove Christian School surprises teacher with special award dedication to education


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A local school ended its year with a special presentation to a beloved third grade teacher.

Members at Myrtle Grove Christian School had so much to cheer for.

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Not only was it their first time being back on campus, but the main reason smiles were on faces was because of a well deserving third grade teacher, Anne Easterling.

She won the annual Barbara Nail Teacher for Excellence in Education Award for serving God, students, and their families.

Easterling said she was overwhelmed by the honor.

“I don’t know a single teacher who works, who doesn’t deserve to be recognized for what they put into their classroom, and the time with their students,” Easterling expressed. “So to be singled out from others is really overwhelming, and I just appreciated the fact that other people notice.”

Student Logan Bush said he appreciates how consistent Easterling has been.

“Mrs. Easterling is a great teacher, and I really think that through quarantine we couldn’t have had a better teacher because the older stuff was good, but I don’t think anybody could do any better,” Bush said.

Daughter Noelle Easterling said her mother is a teacher in and out of school.

“I’ve been in her classes a few times, and I’m just sitting there like wow, this is what she was made to do. She’s such an amazing teacher,” Easterling said.

Principal Glenn Pleasant said Easterling always goes above and beyond.

“She doesn’t leave until her work is done,” Principal Glenn Pleasant said. “That means making sure that all of her students needs are taken care of, any kind of duties or anything that she is responsible for.”

Easterling said she has been helping local kids learn and grow for more than 15 years.