Wilmington Police to present new plans to City Council to combat gun violence


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — While certain crimes have been down during the pandemic, Wilmington Police have seen a recent uptick in violent crimes in Wilmington.

This comes as police get ready to present new plans to the city to combat the violence. The police department, along with other agencies, say the fight against violent crime is a constant work in progress.

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“Every time that happens, it tears our community apart one more time,” Wilmington Police spokeswoman Linda Thompson said.

With three homicides in the last two weeks, Thompson says it’s been a violent month of May.

“Whether it’s drugs,” she said. “Whether it’s gangs. Whatever it is.”

The police department is partnering with the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney to try to combat all of those things which have led to the uptick in violence.

“Separating out gang violence from drug activity is like separating the wet from water,” District Attorney Ben David said. “It’s impossible to do. You’re calling it two different things, but in many cases, it’s the same thing.”

Law enforcement officials say there’s no one thing to blame for the violence.

On Monday, Wilmington Police are presenting new plans to City Council to put and end to that violence.

“This is a long term plan,” Thompson said. “This is an effort our interim police chief has led us on, not just to address it today for this season, but it’s a plan we’re hoping to put in place that will address it on a long term basis.”

David adds, the plan is centered around three main goals.

“Our coordinated strategy, which again involves enforcement, prevention and intervention really calls on the community itself,” he said. “The ones in and around this violence.”

Even with these new plans, Thompson and David say it all comes down to the community doing its part.

“Our agency is doing everything in it’s power to try to solve these crimes as they happen, but we are only as good as the community we serve,” Thompson said.

Thompson could not go into the details of these plans, as they still need to be presented to City Council.